A sensory tale of rediscovery
and embracing inner creativity.

Non-verbal puppet theatre for adults and children from 12 years

Two workaholics work their lives away in a grotesque, Kafkaesque office universe made of paper. The universe is ruled by an all-powerful boss, personified by a water dispenser filled with ink, which the two women have to drink in order to function. This office world has been the same for hundreds of years - until a small voice appears. The voice comes from the paper, which has come alive and wants change.
The paper turns into a little puppet, opening up another world where creativity and playfulness reign; and the known order of the universe is turned upside down.




Directors, puppeteers: Evi Arnsbjerg Brygmann, Bianka Drozdik
Set designer: Andrea Lindeneg
Composer: Christoffer Høyer
Sound design: Kristoffer Alm
Light design: Victor Nuno Lyse
Director's consultant: Lotte Arnsbjerg,
Rolf Søborg Hansen
Photographer: Beate Nelken and Anders Palm Olesen

The performance is supported by
The Danish Arts Foundation, Valby Lokaludvalg, Dansk Skuespillerforbund, Bispebjerg Bydelspulje, Den kollektive 1/3 af Båndkopimidlerne, FDS Legat and Udviklingsplatformen for Scenekunst.

The performance is part of Garantiordningen, Refusionsordningen and Formidlingsordningen

SEASON 2023/2024

Aprilfestivalen (Ebeltoft)

Baltoppen LIVE
06.09.23, kl. 19.30

Engelsholm Højskole
22.10.23, kl. 20.00

Teater Katapult
25.10.23, kl. 20.00

Teater Vestvolden


Spiellust Festival (Rostock)


Teater OM (Rinkøbing Fjord)  

08.04.24, kl. 19.30

Odsherred Teater

10.04.24, kl. 19.30



How dreary and supervised can a human being be before something happens to break the spell of external determination? All paper ... and then it turns into life, which turns everything upside down, becomes independent and throws the world, which is pressed into cantons, out of joint. Self-empowerment at its finest, played with virtuosity and without a single spoken word. Wow! Leaves the audience full of goose bumps.

— Jury at Freisprung Festival 2022, Rostock

(Paperlicious won the 2. place at the festival


Theatre Metamorphose was founded in 2022 by Evi Arnsbjerg Brygmann and Bianka Drozdik, and is based on visual puppet theatre for adults.

The artistic direction is carried out by puppeteer and actor Evi Arnsbjerg Brygmann.

Artistic director,
Director, puppeteer 

Evi Arnsbjerg Brygmann

Director, puppeteer

Bianka Drozdik